Huron County Democrats elect Ginger Packert for Board of Elections

February 26, 2022
Norwalk, Ohio
ATTACHED PHOTO: Ginger Packert speaks at special meeting

At a special meeting Wednesday evening in Norwalk, Huron County Democrats unanimously and whole-heartedly elected Ginger Packert to the county Board of Elections.

Packert was the only person nominated for the seat. She is a 40-year veteran teacher, mostly in social studies, including American government and American history, and is a fellow of the James Madison Foundation. Packert was also the winner of the Huron County Democratic Party's 2020 John T. Hogsett Memorial Award in recognition of "her efforts to teach democratic values to our youth, without referring to a political party," said Chairwoman Karen Prelipp.

In her remarks before the vote, Packert said, "One thing I keep hearing -- and ... I heard it from Dennis, I heard it from Karen -- how well the Republicans and Democrats on this board of elections get along. And I hope that continues, I'm excited about that."

Outgoing board member, Dennis Stieber, also spoke at the meeting to explain that he stepped down solely for financial reasons, due to the way the health insurance would work out. He stressed that there was no other issue involved in his decision.

County Auditor Roland Tkach spoke to thank Stieber for his service. "When we worked together in the auditor's office, he did the same thing that he did on the Board of Elections -- he gave his all."

Asked for a snappy quote for the media, Packert said, "If you don't vote, don't complain."

For questions please contact:
Karen Prelipp
Chairwoman, Huron County Democratic Party