Huron County Democrats adopt Creed to "cut through the rhetoric."

January 31, 2022
Huron County, Ohio


The Huron County Democratic Party passed a resolution to adopt a Democratic creed at its Central and Executive Committee meeting Wednesday (Jan.26).

Party Chair Karen Prelipp said, "In an effort to reach out to all Americans and cut through the rhetoric, we adopted the creed to demonstrate that we all want basically the same things -- freedom, justice and the opportunity to be successful."

The resolution is part of a national movement among grassroots Democratic organizations to state their core values and make them widely known. The movement is inspired by the book "Democrats 101" by J.M. Purvis.

The creed resolution can be found on the party's website at

Here is the text of the resolution:


WHEREAS Americans are more and more looking to the Democratic Party to take care of the nation’s problems, and

WHEREAS To take care of those problems, we need many more Americans of goodwill to join Democrats in our big tent, and

WHEREAS To get that, Americans must know what the Democratic Party stands for, and

WHEREAS To answer that, we must distill what is common to all Democrats, and

WHEREAS Policy choices are not common to all Democrats, but core values are common to all Democrats, and

WHEREAS Those values must be American values that are universal and timeless, and

WHEREAS Those values must come to define and identify the Democratic Party, and must be widely known across the county, state and nation, and

WHEREAS People must be able to see those values written as a concise, thorough creed, and

WHEREAS We have found such a creed in the book “Democrats 101” by J.M. Purvis,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT The people of the Huron County Democratic Party do ordain and establish as our own this Democratic Creed:



We believe all people are created equal, that this is America’s fundamental ideal.

We believe that America is a democratic republic, by and for the people: ruled by the Constitution and its interpretations, protected by the Bill of Rights, and inspired by the Declaration of Independence.

We believe these founding documents demand Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity for all Americans, in full and equal measure -- regardless of who you are, what you believe, or where you live.

We believe that the Duty of government is to strive endlessly to make the ideals of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity a reality for all.

We believe that the Purpose of government is to protect our nation, defend our democracy, and to endlessly promote the welfare of each and every one of us.

We believe that fighting for these ideals is our purpose as a political party.


We hold these things to be self-evident:

Freedom means ...

Justice means ...

Opportunity means ...


We further believe that American democracy depends on ...

This is what we believe.



For questions please contact:
Karen Prelipp
Huron County Democratic Party