Jeff Sites to appear at Fair Thursday

August 17, 2021
Huron County, Ohio


Jeff Sites, Democratic candidate for Congress in the Fourth District against Rep. Jim Jordan, will appear Thursday at the Huron County Fair. Jeff will meet fair-goers from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Huron County Democratic Party booth, which is under the grandstand at the north end.

Sites is an Army veteran, who had served as a military policeman. He is now a warehouse manager for a food manufacturer, and has "spent more time driving a forklift than wearing a suit."

Sites writes, "Like all parents, what I want most in the world is for my kid to have a better life than I did. That’s the American Dream."

"I'm raising my daughter right here (in Lima) in the same place where I grew up. Looking around our community, it seems like that [American] dream’s much harder to achieve than it was back when my parents were raising me. There are fewer opportunities for working people, and challenges I never imagined then. ..."

"I see Jim Jordan and professional politicians like him more focused on their own self-interest and the needs of billionaires than on fixing any of it."

"... I hope I can earn your vote, and bring the perspective of a regular Ohio working man to Washington.

In a video ad, Sites says, "We're paying Jim Jordan nearly $180,000 to represent us. But time and again he takes our money and screws people like you and me. He tried to overturn the election, and pushed Trump's Big Lie, leading directly to the insurrection that killed five people -- including cops. ... Now more than 600,000 Americans have died from COVID and all Jim Jordan wants to do is argue with Dr. Fauci about masks."

"I'm an army veteran and working dad. I am going to beat Jim Jordan. In Congress we'll fight for health care for all, protect voting rights and hold Jordan and the other traitors accountable for attacking our democracy."

Sources: - video ad

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