Huron County Democratic Party

HCDP Goals

Huron County Democratic Party Goals

By Karen Prelipp, Huron County Democratic Party Chair, February 2021.

The ultimate goal of the Huron County Democratic Party is to elect Democrats. We elect Democrats by building relationships to reach common ground through community involvement and by creating coalitions.

Reaching common ground is going to be a real challenge. We need to draw the contrast between what the Republicans are doing and what people need and want. We can begin the conversation by acknowledging the anger created by the wealth gap, and by recognizing their feeling of frustration between the haves and have nots. Contact builds empathy and reduces prejudice. One to one communication is required, and we will all need to be involved.

How do we get started? We can support community projects and activities to raise awareness of who we are and what we stand for. Often leaders of these projects and activities need people power. We can offer that people power to make their activities successful. Our involvement will open opportunities to have those conversations about who we are and what we stand for.

Our participation in community activities will open the door to create coalitions to further our efforts to strengthen our democracy. As we increase our visibility and understanding of who we are, voters will feel more confident in voting for Democrats.

So, who’s going to manage all these efforts? I have created teams for Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Advocacy. We have our professions, and we have our passions. Sometimes they are the same. I am asking each of you to choose a team to share your profession or passion in whatever capacity you wish. I leave it up to you to decide. I understand this is a volunteer organization so I will be respectful of your time and energy.

Potential goals for the Jobs Team can be 1.) discuss with business leaders what skill sets they need from potential employees, 2.) obtain a list of infrastructure needs, and 3.) find mentoring programs for new businesses.

Potential goals for the Education Team can be 1.) discussing with School Boards the importance of increasing the emphasis on Civics and building Critical Thinking skills, 2.) what are the challenges of home schooling and how can we assist in meeting those challenges, and 3.) how can we help provide housing and food security, and help students feel safe.

Potential goals for the Healthcare Team can be 1.) find ways to make it available, 2.) find ways to make it affordable, 3.) suggest to Legislators improvements to the Affordable Care Act. Potential goals for the Advocacy Team can be 1.) maintain the level of voter participation we worked so hard to achieve in November, 2020, 2.) educate the public in the redistricting process and how they can be involved, and 3.) learn how the Advocacy team members can work with our other teams to help implement their goals by reaching out to community leaders and Legislators.

I realize these goals are long term and will require energy and commitment. We will need each of you to do what you can to move us forward. We need to broaden our diversity too. I want to include the youth and our Hispanic community as a beginning to broaden our diversity. We also need representatives from all sectors of our economy. Diversity is our strength.

We will need that strength to combat the immense amount of misinformation that has mushroomed in the last few years. We have new leadership with the election of Liz Walters as the new Ohio Democratic Party Chair. I’m looking forward to her assistance in achieving our goals. I want to continue the relationships we have developed with other rural counties and our neighboring County Chairs.

We have an opportunity to help voters, and potential voters, by demonstrating that Democrats do care about their quality of life by providing pathways to a new future.

Do we have the courage to be bold and implement these goals? I think so, I know so!

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