Huron County Democratic Party



  • Mayor: David W. Light
  • Council Ward 1: Deborah J. Lucal
  • Council Ward 4: Matt Doughty

Dave Light for Mayor of Norwalk

Dave Light served 34 years as a Norwalk police officer, before retiring last year. The last nine of those years he served as chief of police, having been appointed with unanimous recommendation of the selection committee.

Norwalk Reflector article on Light declaring candidacy: CLICK HERE.

“This is not a political thing; this is doing what’s best for the city of Norwalk,” said Light, who will run as a Democrat. “I think there’s so much more that we can be doing that we’re not doing."

Dave Light for Mayor of Norwalk

Dave Light for Mayor web page: CLICK HERE.

Dave Light for Mayor Facebook page: CLICK HERE.