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Dec. 19 Special Exec Committee Meeting
6- 6:30 PM at Sheri's Coffee

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Jan. 23 HCDP Policy Committee
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Explanatory and under-reported news on the issues.

Members of Congress shocked at lax safety in Tex-Mex job giveaway
(Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen - Share News Flash, Aug. 6, 2018) “Members of Congress expressed grave concern that the Federal Railroad Administration would allow the railroad to apply a lower safety standard to Mexican train crews than to U.S. train crews,” BLET President Pierce said. “Our members are held to the highest standard while crews coming in from Mexico are essentially given a break in terms of certification, testing, and operating experience.”

Despite Today’s Court-Ordered Deadline, More Than 900 Migrant Children Remain Separated from Parents
(Democracy Now!, July 26, 2018) Of the families with the more than 2,500 children forcibly separated from their parents, most were seeking asylum from violence in their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Immigration lawyer: "[T]he process ... is that you go through what’s called a credible fear interview [where] you need to demonstrate that there’s a 10 percent possibility, that you’re going to be persecuted ... [T]here did seem to be, in Port Isabel, ... a blanket negative across the board. And that was really shocking."

Thousands rally in Ohio for solution to pension crisis
(Associated Press, July 12, 2018) "Ohio's two U.S. senators — Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Rob Portman — will chair Friday's hearing of the House and Senate Joint Select Committee on Pensions. Brown championed creation of the committee and calls the fifth public meeting in Ohio perhaps its most important to date. ... Brown said that if a solution isn't found, affected retirees will face pension benefit cuts of up to 70 percent... Brown said legislation he has proposed has been vetted by actuarial experts and could work to resolve the looming problem. Dubbed the Butch Lewis Act, it would create a loan program for retirees.

Rhode Island Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change, First State to Do So
(Inside Climate News, July 2, 2018) "The lawsuit ... names 14 oil and gas companies ..., saying they created conditions that constitute a public nuisance under state law and failed to warn the public and regulators of a risk they were well aware of. ... 'As a direct and proximate consequence of Defendants' wrongful conduct described in this Complaint, average sea level will rise substantially along Rhode Island's coast; average temperatures and extreme heat days will increase; flooding, extreme precipitation events, such as tropical storms and hurricanes, and drought will become more frequent and more severe; and the ocean will warm and become more acidic,' the lawsuit states.